Why get a Thermal Survey?

Electrical thermal imaging is able to identify issues with your electrical infrastructure before they become major problems.  The majority of these problems cannot be detected before failure with the naked eye and instead can be detected through thermal Scanning.  Some equipment that can be scanned include:

  • Switchboards
  • Mechanical services boards
  • Sub-boards
  • Power factor correction units
  • Fuse-panels
  • Control panels

The operating temperatures of in use electrical parts are compared to similar parts to find thermal hot spots (exceptions) such as:

  • Loose Terminations
  • Poor Terminations
  • Rust & Degradation
  • Unbalanced Loads
  • Malfunctioning Equipment

Finding these problems early can have a significant effect on cost and down time of services through:

  • Planning down time for repairs during non-peak times
  • Identify overloaded circuits or under rated cables,
  • Reduce cost of repairs by only replacing faulty components
  • Minimising the risk of fire & damage due to failure of components
  • Ensuring longevity of components through balanced loads.

Thermal imaging of electrical components should be carried out on a regular basis as part of a preventative maintenance regime to assess and ensure the health of all electrical systems. Furthermore it can be required to obtain insurance or used to minimise insurance premiums.  During thermal Scanning all equipment must be active and under normal load conditions to be scanned.


PRESTIGE Electrical will provide help in understanding the requirements and benefits offered by utilising electrical thermal imaging.

As part of the service PRESTIGE Electrical will provide a detailed insurance compliant thermal report which includes:

  • Detailed scope of works,
  • Thermal and visual images of all Exceptions found including:
    • Location
    • Date and time
    • Priority rating (for level of importance)
    • Possible causes (i.e. Loose connection or Unbalanced Load)
  • Qualification of thermographer

In addition, PRESTIGE Electrical can complete RCD testing during the thermal inspection to save time and cost. Enquire today