RCD Compliance Testing

RCD Compliance Testing

RCDs, or Residual Current Devices, monitor the flow of electricity as it enters a building from the main switchboard. If an imbalance in the circuit is detected, the device cuts the power to avoid severe injury or electrocution. The requirement of having two devices allows the circuits to be evenly divided so some lights and power outlets will continue to operate if one device cuts the electrical supply.

RCD testing has to be completed every three months, and documented, to remain in compliance. There is a test button on the device that has to be pressed to determine if the switch is working correctly. It is working properly if the power goes off. if the power does not go off, an electrician has to be called to re-test the switch, repair it, or replace it. It is strongly recommended that all homeowners, even those not selling the property have the devices installed for safety. The cost of installing residual current devices is nominal, especially compared to the safety of family members.

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